Juan Carlos Cabrera

My name is Juan Carlos Cabrera. One of my goals this year is to help my friends, my team members and anybody I know to change their lives and create a better world for all of us.

I was an overweight real estate agent working more than 100 hours per week, not having time for my family and worse, not having time for myself.

Today, I weight 80 pound less, my energy levels are very high. I became a Licensed Real Estate Broker and a Licensed Mortgage Broker and the best part is that now, I work less hours than before. Now, I have time to enjoy my family; I bought and now we live in a house on the beach where we are successful and enjoy life.

I have created a website where I’m going to be posting how I did it. I’m going to teach you, step by step how you can do it too. Also, I will post pictures, stories and anecdotes of my family and me. In addition, I will ask you to send me your pictures, stories and anecdotes and I will post it too. Why? Because with our pictures, stories and anecdotes we can create a better world for us. Our WOLRD! A world free of negative news!

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Great Success,

Juan Carlos Cabrera

Real Estate Broker/Mortgage Broker


Be Successful; Enjoy Life!TM