A Wonderful Weekend

Hello my friends. Last weekend was wonderful and I like to share it with you.

On Saturday, My mentor invites me to introduce him at his Power Summit event. The event was at the Sheraton Hotel at Fort Lauderdale. I wake up early in the morning (3:30 A.M.) I did twenty minutes workout and after taking a shower and put on my clothes I drove two and a half hours the hotel.

The moment I arrived to the conference room it was like a flash back on my mind. I was the same conference room I went to years ago and I met Omar Periu.

My mind when back two years ago. Two years ago my life was in chaos, I have worked my self in to exhaustion. Real Estate business was slow and I was an overweighed Real Estate Agent complaining all the time, like everybody else, about how bad the business was. It was April 2007 when my wife and I sat together and have the most important conversation of our life. We have been together for over 20 years and we have 4 children, Helena was 7, Juan Carlos and Sofia were 5 and Carlos Eduardo was 3 years old. We have to change our life to secure the future of our family.

We put together a plan and few days later I got and invitation to a seminar. I did know who the speaker was and it was a two days weekend event. I have work to do, but something inside of me told GO!. That Saturday, May 5, 2007 instead of celebrate the 5 de Mayo, I wakeup very early in the morning, I took a shower and when I was ready to go, my wife ask me. Where are you going? I’m going to a seminar, I said. Are you crazy, don’t you have to do and Open House today. Yes, I replied (and that was a double yes, yes I was crazy, and yes I have to do an open house that day). And then we started talking about the bills we have to paid and that we need to sell houses, and do open houses, but something inside me kept telling GO THERE! And I when.

I sat on the front row. When I see the speaker, Omar Periu on the stage, I said I want to be like him and the guy that was sitting next to me told me, are you crazy? Do you think you can be like him? And I said yes and again it was a double yes, I was crazy and I was going to be like him.

In the first break I approached him and I asked for his help. He gave me his private email address and asks me to send him and email with my information and he will call me the next week. That day I bought two of his programs, Get Motivated, and Health is Wealth. And as he promises me, he calls me and he really helps me. My life starts changing.

Juan Carlos Cabrera April 28, 2007

Juan Carlos Cabrera - April 28, 2007

Juan Carlos Cabrera June 30 2007

Juan Carlos Cabrera - June 30, 2007











 I also hired him as my mentor and became part of his exclusive Protégé Program. Our life complete changed but most important, I learned all the tools I need to be successful.

Living on the beach, close to the Kennedy Space Center, is priceless. On Sunday March 15, we stepped down to the beach to observe the launch of Discovery. That is a unique experience. You can see, listen and feel the energy needed to put a rocket on the sky. At that moment, I realize that is the same energy you need to put in to your life in order to be successful.

 Discovery Launch

beach2 beach4beach5beach7beach6

Sharing that experience with my family and friend is amazing!

I have some questions for you. 

Do you want to be successful?

Do want to have energy and feel good?

Do you want to loose weight and be strong?

Do you want to learn the tools you need to have control of your life?

Do you want to have the same opportunity I have?

I’m sure your answer was yes. That is why last week I made a deal with my mentor Omar Periu to give you an opportunity to get his programs at a fraction of the retail price. This is a unique opportunity. Don’t miss it.

You can get “Get Motivated” and “Health is Wealth”, the same programs that made me change my life, for only $ 397.00 (the retail price of this two programs if you buy it at Omar Periu website is  $ 794.00)

Omar Periu - Get Motivated Omar Periu - Health is Wealth

  Click here to get this package


 If you want to go to the next level, you can get what I call the “POWER OF SUCCESS PACKAGE” for only $ 497.00.

Omar Periu - From Zero to WealthOmar Periu - Premeditated Success Omar Periu - Investigative Selling

Click here to get this package

Investing on the programs will give the tools you need to take action and be successful. I also arranged with Omar Periu to include on the package, at not additional cost for you, four tickets to his events and access to his teleconferences for free for a year. (That is priceless)

This is my advice to you; Invest in your life. Get the packages, take action and change your life forever.

Great Success,


Juan Carlos Cabrera

Lic. Real Estate Broker – Lic. Mortgage Broker


PS: Be Successful; Enjoy Life!









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