I’m Yours!

Today I was driving to Miami to show two houses to a young couple that was recommended to me by a friend. I call my car “The Mobile University” because I use my driving time to listen and learn from my mentors programs. (I always make this joke to my mentor Omar Periu when I impersonate Elvis Presley on You Are Always on My Mind and I sing “You are Always on My Car!”).  But today, instead to turn on the CDs I hit the FM button and there was a song that I never listened before. It was a kind of reggae and the singer have an European accent. The song was very lovely and I kept singing it during the trip.


In my way back to Melbourne I turned on the radio and there was the song again. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or it was a message that was delivery to me but again I kept singing the song in my trip back home.


After I finished writing the contract for my customer I decided to find the song so I when to You Tube ( I love  You Tube)  and I found it and I want to share it with you. There is a wonderful message in the lyrics.


… There is no need to complicate

Our time is short

This is our fate.

I’m yours!


Open up your mind

And see like me

Open up your plans

And down your free

I’m yours


Look into your heart

And you will find that

The sky is yours

I’m yours


So please don’t hesitate

No more, no more, no more

This can not wait

I’m yours…


Enjoy the video!













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