Oikos Realty(tm) / Oikos Realty Group(tm) YouTube Channel and Video Presentation!

I’m very excited to announce that Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ have a YouTube channel.


We are inaugurating Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel with a presentation video created by Michael Mark and I want to give you a preview of the video before we start using it in our marketing campaigns.


After you watch the video, I want you post and send me your comments and subscribe to the Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel.


We are going to use the Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel to promote our company, our agents and the properties we are selling. I encourage you to create and submit your videos to Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel. You can make videos about yourself, testimonial from your clients, videos of the properties you are selling or sold, etc.


Michael Marks is an agent with Oikos Realty Group™ and a highly creative Multimedia and Graphic Specialist with an extensive experience in marketing, graphic design, video and print. You can contact him at michael@michaelmarks.net with all your marketing designs needs. Tell him that I send you for special promotions for Oikos Realty™ / Oikos Realty Group™ members.



Great Success,




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