Oikos Realty Oikos Realty(tm)/Oikos Realty Group(tm) – Keep expanding!

I’m so excited to let you know that our companies Oikos Realty™ / Oikos Realty Group™  keep expanding. Now we are serving the following counties in Florida:

» Brevard County
» Broward County
» Indian River County
» Lee County
» Miami Dade County
» Palm Beach County
» St.Lucie County

Our goal is to offer our services in every county in Florida.

I’m proud to welcome to our successful team:

» Steven Marcus Gonzales – Broker Associate / Brevard County
» Forrest G Young – Real Estate Agent / Broward County
» Jeremy L Weaver – Real Estate Agent / St.Lucie County

Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ is the first virtual Real Estate Brokerage operating in South and Central Florida. With the advances of today’s technology traditional “brick and mortar” real estate offices no longer makes sense. At Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ , a full service Virtual Real Estate Brokerage, we do not have the traditional overhead expenses that other Real Estate Offices have and we transfer those savings to our agents.


At Oikos Realty™ , our agents are our clients and they are compensated with a TRUE 100 % of the commission collected on the sales transactions without paying any monthly fee. The Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ agents are the best compensated in the Real Estate industry!


Our agents also earn money by referring other agents. You can review the Oikos Realty™ Referral Income program at the Oikos Realty™ website (http://www.oikosrealty.com/page6.html)



Forward this post  to every Real Estate Agent (active or inactive) you know in Florida. They will be thankful to you for letting know the benefits they can receive by becoming member of Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™




Great Success,




Juan Carlos Cabrera – Broker/Owner

109 Fontaine Street

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

305 303 6426 (direct)

888 821 8545 (fax)




Oikos Realty Group™ – We believe you deserve to be SUCCESSFUL at all stages of your Real Estate Career™

Oikos Realty™ – The First Virtual Real Estate Brokerage in South and Central Florida™



Attention All Real Estate Agents … Every commission, bonus or compensation you’ve ever received is about to become dangerously obsolete because…  



“For The First Time Ever, You Can Get Paid a TRUE 100 % Commission Without Paying Any Monthly Fee!”









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