This is the time of the year… Happy New Year to you and yours from my family and me!

Hey friend;

This is the time of the year where we put together the New Year Resolutions. Today I want to share with you what I have learned from my mentor Omar Periu. Put it on practice and you will see how you can change your live.

Goals without action are only dreams. You have to take action! Massive amount of action in order to fulfill your goals! When? Now!

How many of you will agree with me how true is that statement? How many of you had an idea, a dream and one day you turn on the TV and see that somebody else already did it? Well, from now on that will not happen again because you know that you have to take action. When? Now!

People often set goals for their future, but few ever achieve them. Why is that? Have you ever experienced this? If so, it is probably because you failed to make a plan for achievement. It is crucial to have a plan to achieve you goals. The method or exact plan you use is not as important as the discipline it takes to execute your plan. Here are a few tips for you to use and some space to write in your own ideas:

Write down your goals and keep them in a special place
Set deadlines for the completion of certain steps of your goal
Offer yourself an incentive for achieving the goal
Regularly check your progress, and if necessary, track it on paper
Ask for assistance from your friends and/or family
Make sure your goals are challenging AND achievable
Never do your goals for a Reason do it for a Purpose. The purpose is the why you are doing it. Reasons are very easy to change, purposes not.

For example: Your goal is to lose 10 pounds:

If you do it for the reason of your blue jeans won’t fit you anymore. Well, what happens if you won’t lose weight; probably you will end in the store buying a new blue jeans of a bigger size. But what happens instead of using that reason your purpose is because you want to be healthier. See the difference. Now you know why you want to fulfill your goal.

I have three purposes in my life:

Provide my family and me with happiness, health and wealth.
Help my customers to obtain what they want.
Teach others how to be successful and enjoy life.
What are yours?

Find the purpose of your life. Write it down.

Write a list of goals you want to fulfill. Make sure you include financial, emotional, health and spiritual goals.

For each goal, write an action plan.

Find the most important three goals you want to fulfill and email it to me. We will work together to make it happens!

Happy New Year !!!

Great Success,

Juan Carlos Cabrera

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