Is the Real Estate Market changing? – Part III

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Here’s more evidence that housing is turning around. Forbes magazine identified 161 of the country’s largest metro areas where sales activity has increased compared to 2008, and where foreclosure sales as a percentage of total sales, are low.

The magazine considers these markets as on the road to recovery:

1. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

2. Lincoln, Neb.

3. Colorado Springs, Colo.

4. Salem, Ore.

5. San Luis Obispo, Calif.

6. Bremerton, Wash.

7. Denver, Colo.

8. Redding, Calif.

9. Santa Barbara, Calif.

10. San Jose, Calif.


In another news, Florida’s existing home sales rose in July – the 11th month in a row that sales activity increased in the year-to-year comparison, according to the latest housing data released by the Florida Association of Realtors® (FAR). Statewide existing home sales in July also rose over the previous month’s sales level.

Existing home sales rose 37 percent last month with a total of 15,882 homes sold statewide compared to 11,595 homes sold in July 2008, according to FAR. Statewide existing home sales in July increased 0.2 percent over June’s statewide activity. Florida Realtors also reported a 48 percent rise in statewide sales of existing condos in July.


Is the Real Estate Market changing? My answer is a big YES.


If you ask me; is this the time to buy real estate? My answer will be YES, YES, YES!





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