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Oikos Realty(tm) / Oikos Realty Group(tm) YouTube Channel and Video Presentation!

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I’m very excited to announce that Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ have a YouTube channel.


We are inaugurating Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel with a presentation video created by Michael Mark and I want to give you a preview of the video before we start using it in our marketing campaigns.


After you watch the video, I want you post and send me your comments and subscribe to the Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel.


We are going to use the Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel to promote our company, our agents and the properties we are selling. I encourage you to create and submit your videos to Oikos Realty™/Oikos Realty Group™ Channel. You can make videos about yourself, testimonial from your clients, videos of the properties you are selling or sold, etc.


Michael Marks is an agent with Oikos Realty Group™ and a highly creative Multimedia and Graphic Specialist with an extensive experience in marketing, graphic design, video and print. You can contact him at with all your marketing designs needs. Tell him that I send you for special promotions for Oikos Realty™ / Oikos Realty Group™ members.



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