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Happy Birthday Helena!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Hey friend;

A day like yesterday, ten years ago, my oldest daughter was born. It is amazing how time goes so fast.

This is Helena 10 years ago

This is Helena 10 years ago

 Ten years later …


This is Helena now!

Wow! She is a beautiful girl!

When she was born, my wife Ileana and I had a business called Café and Internet of America. Café and Internet of America was the first cybercafé that opened in Miami, Florida. The internet at that time was also a “baby” compared to what it is today. There was not Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google; however even at that time we created a community of “cybernauts” around the world and when Helena was born I designed a webpage for her and post pictures and ask to send emails to her. And then, we started to get emails from everywhere in the world; beautiful emails giving her welcome to this world and advices for the future.

Click here to see the webpage here (there are a lot of pictures of baby Helena).


Or copy and paste this address on your browser:

While your there, send an email to her.

Happy birthday Helena!



Great Success,




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