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Commercial Real Estate Investing

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

My mentor Omar Periu is conducting a Commercial Real Estate Investing Strategies webminar at Trump University.

Juan Carlos Cabrera with Omar Periu

Juan Carlos Cabrera with Omar Periu

Commercial Real Estate Strategy

Omar Periu is sharing his tremendous history of Commercial Real Estate success with Trump University students, as he leads a new Commercial Real Estate webinar.

Our current market offers incredible opportunities for investors looking to enter the world of Commercial Real Estate. Even more so than residential real estate, commercial properties are always for sale, and always in demand.

The benefits of Commercial Real Estate are easy to understand. To put it simply, you’re more likely to win at Monopoly® when you’ve built hotels on your properties. The same rules of real estate apply with Commercial Real Estate, but the rewards are significantly greater.

If you’ve ever thought Commercial Real Estate investing was beyond your grasp, or you’ve wondered what it would be like to make as much as 10 times the profit in just one deal, you owe it to yourself to attend our FREE webinar.

Omar Periu started on his path to success with nothing, and he used Commercial Real Estate to generate massive wealth and become a prized educator.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from one of the true masters of Commercial Real Estate. Join us for this Webinar:

Webinar Details
Date: Wednesday, April 8th
Time: 9 p.m. EST
Price: Free
Presenter: Omar Periu



Join one of the greatest success stories in the Commercial Real Estate business to find out how you can make it your success story!

Trump University

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